We have done a little bit more buying and decorating around here and failed to blog about it.
Mostly, we finally took the leap and bought a big area rug for our living room sight unseen from online.. rugsusa.com I believe. This one is pretty thin compared to the one in the office, but it feels very soft and nice on the feet, just not cushy. I think we're going to buy a good rug pad to go underneath fairly soon, because it will be really cozy then, and there's another little one around here that will soon be trying to learn to sit up and failing time to time.

Anyway it's a turquoise-y blue color with this faint pattern that's a little tough to see in these pictures, but we really like the simplicity. It is also interesting that it kind of takes on a different color depending on the direction the fiber is pushed in. Thus, just after vacuuming, it's very obvious it's just been vacuumed, and the first time you walk on it, you might leave footprints. But after a short while, those all get pushed random direction and it looks as pictured, with a mottling of color variation. We think it's neat ultimately.

It goes well enough with all the other things in our den, I think.

We had a friend over recently who said something along the lines of "I like how all your stuff doesn't match perfectly, but it goes together," which I thought was quite funny, because coming from her I did not take it the least bit like insulting, but of course the truth is that we just get a piece here and there when we find it. And sometimes the striped chairs and the green daybed just come in that one color available on craigslist that one day... And sometimes it doesn't seem like it will go together. I'm sure not everyone is impressed with our styling, but we're happy with it.

The other thing you may notice on this far wall is a little picture we finally had framed.

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Alli has had this New Yorker cover for years (an actual cover, bought at a flea market, not from Conde Nast) and has been intending to get it framed and find a home for it, and she finally pulled the trigger very recently (after knowing for months that this was going to be its home). Right by the bookshelves, makes sense.

Finally, we bought a floor lamp for in between the right side of the couch and our recliner. Prior, we were always angling for the left side of the couch if light for reading was useful. Got this one at TJ Maxx, pretty happy with it.Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
   Now what else can we blog about...?