The Saturday before my due date was the Williamson County Fair. Sounded like a great distraction for all of us! One friend even theorized that a fried Oreo + funnel cake combo might induce labor. I couldn't do it, but I believe it would surely have induced something!

The fair was small and, even though it was Saturday, was pretty quiet. It was a great size and energy level for us. We stuck to the kid events. First, Hamish rode a pony. Yes, it's a tethered horse walking around a circle. But she loved it.


Then we walked through the kids' farm exhibit. Everything in the exhibit was fake (i.e. I thought there might be real chickens, but no), but it was completely hands on and Hamish enjoyed it. She wore an apron, and got to plant and harvest corn, feed the chickens, gather eggs in her basket, milk the cows, catch fish and pick apples. She sold her goods at the market, and used her earnings to buy an ice cream sandwich (donated by Purity Dairy, so thankfully real!)


The biggest hit was, predictably, the livestock barn. The huge nursing sow and piglets might have been her favorite, but she was also thrilled with the baby goats, horses, cows, and chickens. And a llama.


We ended our morning inside the comfortably air conditioned Ag Center. We toured the Touch-A-Truck exhibit, did a Home Depot project, danced to the live music and then had lunch including Hamish's first funnel cake.



The whole morning was fun and laid back, and Hamish has asked to go back several times. We are planning to go to the big State Fair in a few weeks. We'll see if it's as successful with all 4 of us!