Migration of the ones we missed.

Sept 22:
[coming downstairs this morning, Hamish's stomach gurgles]
Hamish: That was something!
K: yeah? What was that?
H: That was my tummach!!
K: yep, your stomach.
H: My tummach says, "Put some yogurt in my belly!"

Sept 21:
[fridge-clean-out dinner]
Me to Kyle: can I fix you anything?
Kyle: no, I'm fine.
Hamish: Mommy! Fix me everything!

Sept 11:
[Mariah Carey's Dreamlover is on the radio.]
Hamish: "It's ok, little baby! Don't cry about the music!"

Sept 1:
Hamish (riding her bike and singing): ...down came the rain and washed the spider out...
[crashes into the diaper bag in the hall and falls over]
Me: Oh no! What happened?
Hamish: I fell down and didn't finish my song!

Aug 22:
Hamish: (very deliberately): Please may I have a whole big piece of pie in a little container.
K: I appreciate the nice asking, but I've already said no pie. We haven't had dinner yet.
Hamish: [trying a new tactic] Give me some pie!
K: Go see Mommy.

Aug 12:
H: I have i-de-as
K: You do?
H: I have big ideas!
K: Well I have ideas too!
H: Daddy, you have little ideas.

Jul 31:
H: Feed me my water, Daddy.
K: You can do it by self.
H: I'm a baby!
K: You sure talk a lot for a baby.

Jul 25:
[I leave my office to go to the kitchen to get a snack. H hears me and calls from upstairs.]
H: What you doing Mama? Hold me!
A: I can't right now, baby. I'm working.
H: You work in the kitchen, now, Mama?
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Hamish demonstrating a sad, thirsty plant (left) and a happy, well-watered plant (right).

Jul 21:
H: I like jelly and peanut butter, Dada says.
K: ... I didn't actually say that.

Jul 18:
K: What else should we bring to make sure you're happy on this trip?
H: Uhhhhh.... not this wall.
K: No. We should leave the walls here.

Jun 25
K: Ready, set, go!
[little running feet. Pause]
H. Say on my marks!

Jun 7:
H, during dinner last night: "I need to... finish eating and... put on my ..swimsuit and go ...outside and go swimming... with daddy and Louisa, yay!"