December 11
Hamish: Mom did you get me some water?
Me: I did.
Hamish: You're a sweet helper.

December 9
Hamish: Mama and Daddy, can you please watch my walnuts so Fauntleroy doesn't get them?

November 21
Hamish: Fauntleroy, are you right over there?
Kyle: it's "AL-right"
H: Fauntleroy, are you AL-right over there?

November 19
(On Movember)
Kyle: Should daddy grow a mustache?
Hamish: yea, and I will grow a mustache.
K: No, you can't grow a mustache, because you are a girl.
H: Fauntleroy can grow a mustache.
K: No, Fauntleroy can't grow a mustache for several more years.
H: mommy can grow a mustache
K: No, because mommy is a girl
H: only boys that are big can grow a mustache