April 1:
The Manimal: [happy sounds... less happy sounds...THUMP. Crying.]
Hamish: Too much love. From me.

March 27:
Goodnight sun! Have fun in Singapore! ... The sun cannot talk to us back.

March 23:
[Pop and Honey are watching CBS This Morning; the 7 day forecast comes on.]
Look! Look! It's weather! I did not know there was weather on our TV!

March 16:
H: when cats wake up in the morning they always say good day, did you know that daddy?
K: no, where did you hear that?
H: Miss Nina.
K: oh. What do dogs say?
H: they also say good day. And lions.
...more discussion for a while, intermittent singing...
K: what about an elephant? What does an elephant say in the morning?
H: Miss Nina did not discuss that.

March 2:
Kyle to me:
You smell good... Well, there's a little spit up here on your shoulder, but other than that.

February 27:
[Hamish flipping through Kyle's Principles of Virology text.]
"Oh my! This has a lot of stories in it! This looks like a dangerous book."

February 5:
[cuddling in bed, Hamish, a stuffed cat, and me together, The Manimal a little removed to the side with Kyle]
Hamish: Mommy, you and I are the bread and Meowie is the jelly.
Me: We're making a jelly sandwich?
Hamish: We are! And The Manimal is the peanut butter.
Me: The Manimal's more a like a chip on the side of the plate.
Kyle: or a pickle
Hamish: Mommy! The Pickle just touched the Bread's eye!

January 28:
Hamish: Mommy, let's play a game about giving cards to each other.
Me: ok
H: I December-ed you two. And I December-ed me one.
Me: December?
H: Yes! December means to give each other gifts.