June 6:
[on maybe going to the Nature Center this weekend]
That day I'm going to pour mud all over me!! Except not in my hair and not in my eyes and not in my mouth and not in my ears and not on my shirt. I'm going to be covered in mud!

June 2:
Me: how was your day at school?
Hamish: I'm tired of saying things.

June 2:
[I'm scrolling through Anthroplogie's home sale online and Hamish comes to sit in my lap. I need to get up and do something else.]
I can keep working on this for you, mom, if you want me to.

May 29:
And these are all the things I need for my show.

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May 14:
Hamish: What are those?
Me: Those are roses, but they look pitiful, because I don't know how to make roses happy.
Hamish: What if I sang them a little song? Would that make them happy?

May 8:
[we come across a little bird with a broken wing]
Maybe a bird who is a doctor will come and take care of him...
[...as we were walking away]
That was an injured bird. Mommy, do you know about the word "injured"?

May 6:
[Hamish is playing with Kyle's phone.]
Hamish to Siri: No, don't make Siri call me Grace. My name is not Grace.
Hamish to Gracie the dog: She thinks you are me!
Siri: Ok. I won't call you Grace.

May 1:
Hamish: Turn the lights on so I can see.
Me: I'm not turning the lights on while we're driving.
Hamish (volume up by 50%): MOM! You are not obeying me!