Fauntleroy's birthday weekend was an extravaganza. Family came into town Friday night and we had a full day of fun on Saturday. In the morning we took a trip to the zoo. It was a great morning. The weather was nice and everyone got to run around enough to be enticed to take a good nap before the party.

Hamish and her cousin love to be together, and they had a great time seeing all the animals and posing for pictures together. The big girls got to ride on the train, pet kangaroos, and ride on the merry-go-round.

The little ones stayed in the double stroller for most of the time.

Fauntleroy took a little snooze in the stroller, but that was ok. He needed his energy later in the day.

After the party, we tucked four worn out kids in bed and--thanks to Nana!--got to sneak out to the Bluebird Cafe. We love the Bluebird, and once again it did not disappoint.