November 6:
Overheard at my house:
Hamish: what was that white stuff I saw you and daddy eating last night?
Me: [when???] um that was ice cream
Hamish: why were you eating ice cream?
Me: well because our throats hurt and we thought it might make them feel better. And we like ice cream
Hamish: Mom, I think my throat hurts a little bit.
Me: Hamish, is that a true thing? Be careful that you are only saying true things.
Hamish: [pause] Mom, when other people have ice cream it makes me want some really, really bad.

October 22:
Overheard at my house:
[Hamish gives the Manimal a big hug. The Manimal pushes away.]
Mommy, why don't babies put their arms around their sisters when they hug?

October 13:
Overheard in the Chick Fil A drive through:
I want French fries and ketchup for my dessert. For my lunch I want pineapple

October 12:
Overheard last night:
[Hamish's prediction for today]
I will ask Daddy if we are there yet again and again, and he will turn up the radio so he can't hear me.

September 8:
Overheard in my car:
Mom! There's something in my hair that lives outside!!

September 3:
Overheard at my house during the South Carolina vs North Carolina football game:
Hamish: Yay, Mama!
Me: Shh!
Hamish: But Mama, they said...
Me: No, honey... [head shaking]
Hamish: But Carolina...
Kyle: Look to me, Hamish. When I'm happy. You can be happy.

August 10:
Overheard at my house:
"The gates open tomorrow. You can not go to the Passover. That means you left your pack and play at the airport."
I don't know where the first two sentences came from. The third sentence is Hamish's own version of 

July 30:
Overheard at my house:
Me: The Manimal and I are going to the gym. If you stay here, you can play with your dollhouse, which is good to do when the Manimal's gone....
Hamish: OR I could help daddy cook by looking at the food and not touching the stove! I will help Daddy cook by not touching anything!

July 29:
Overheard at my house:
Kyle: we could keep chickens in the back yard.
Hamish: and sometimes some kinds of animals come and take the chickens.
K: like what kind of animals?
H: like a cheetah. And like different kinds of cats. And tigers.

July 21:
Overheard in my car:
Hamish: You know my bed friend Meowie? Her name is now Scat.
Me: You are changing her name?
H: yes, because she got bigger.
Me: are we going to change your name when you get bigger?
H: yes! My name will be Freem. That's my pilot name. Because I'm going to be a pilot when I get bigger.

July 18:
Overheard at bedtime:
[Kyle has been gone all day]
Hamish: Let's talk about things. Tell me about your day.
[Kyle reports on his day.]
H: Ok, now tell me to tell you about my day.

June 23:
Overheard at my house:
[Hamish playing in the sandbox.]
Hamish: mommy, do you want to see a picture of Batman [bad man?] when he was a little person?
Me: Sure.
H: I can't show you. My phone is charging.
I have no idea.

June 21:
Overheard in my car:
Me: Hamish, I love you!
Hamish: Mommy, I love your words!