(Filling in some gaps from this summer...)

We had two major hair cuts this summer/fall. The Manimal got his first haircut after our trip to Utah before his birthday. When everything was combed over and tucked behind it was ok, but if it came  un-combed/-tucked he was looking pretty shaggy.

He did a great job at Great Clips and the woman who trimmed him up did an amazing job hanging in there with every head turn. She ran loops around our chair, but she kept up.

Our second haircut didn't go quite as well. Hamish was overcome by temptation while napping in unfamiliar circumstances at Mimi's house over Columbus Day weekend, and took a stray pair of scissors to her hair (and her tights).

It was a hack job. She cut most of the front of her hair off at mid-ear length. We couldn't do much about the sides, but we took off a lot of the length in the back so the mullet wouldn't be quite as noticeable. Taking off all that hair in the front and off the ends took away most of her blonde, leaving us with a much darker-haired daughter who is still months away from a pony tail.

I hope she won't do it again, but this is definitely one of those times that it hurt me more than it hurt her.