Kyle and the kids again took the dinghy to meet Ray and Renee on Monday morning while Nana and I enjoyed the calm of Man-O-War. When they come back, Kyle, Ray, and Hamish went fishing while the Manimal ate his weight in fresh fruit and Renee made chocolate chip pancakes.  

After all the breakfasts, we went into Man-O-War to explore.

Man-O-War Cay has always been known for boat and sail making. On Nana's first visit, she had bought a sail bag at Albury Sailmakers--a small tote bag made of sailcloth. So for our first stop we went back there.We walked into a shop with four or five women working large industrial sewing machines and bags and pouches and purses hanging from the rafters and lining shelves. Nana had her original bag on her arm, and as soon as we walked in one of the women looked up and said, "Well you've been here before!"Nana's bag had a tag inside that said Mrs. Norman Albury and the woman told us that was her grandmother, the first sailmaker.   

After Albury's we strolled down the main street for a while. 


At the Marina, Ray met us and we dinghy-d back to our boat. After lunch we went snorkeling at Mermaid Reef. When I jumped in, the water was catch-your-breath cold, but was completely pleasant once I was committed. 

Kyle and I really enjoyed our snorkel. The reef was in good shape and there were some beautiful fish. Ray had brought crackers, so Nana and the kids saw about as much fish life as we did! 

The Manimal happily jumped in a few times, but Hamish was a little freaked out by the fish, I think. After filling the fish up with Saltines, we came back to have our own lunch. Then naps for the kids and a long gorgeous sail for the rest of us. 

When the Manimal woke up, he got some Mama cuddles and then went to help Captain Ray.


In the evening, we arrived back at Marsh Harbor, put down the sails and motored into Boat Harbor.

We spent the last of the daylight at the Marina Beach. Kyle and the kids swam out to the floating trampoline to jump and play. Nana and I enjoyed the lounge chairs. Then we came back to our boat for dinner and bedtime.