Our Hamish-girl is four! For weeks she'd been saying all she wanted was an ice cream birthday with her best friend, P. But about two weeks before the big day, she switched gears on me. A Hello Kitty party. With ice cream. And she started adding guests to the list.

I googled "Hello Kitty Nashville" just to see what was available. Turns out there are Hello Kitty bounce houses. How fun. So because I am a sucker, we got one. And as always, our incredible friend Chad delivered BIG on the cake. 
About 30 minutes into the party, a HUGE storm blew through driving all the kids and adults inside. The bounce house deflated easily so it wasn't damaged. The only casualty was the 30" Hello Kitty balloon we'd bought. I was sad about that.

The kids ravaged Hamish's room and launched a dress up party. The Elsa costume replaced the sweet birthday dress I'd planned. And everyone came back down for ice cream sundaes and cake. 

Once they were all sugared up, the storm had blown over and the temperature outside had dropped about 20 degrees. Praise the Lord! We headed back outside for more bouncing and water gun fighting. It was a super fun day.

 Happy birthday to our Joyful Hamish. We are so grateful for you!