P has been Hamish's best friend since they were 12 months old. They were in their first Mother's Day Out class together, and from the very beginning, Hamish ADORED her. I am pretty sure her love predates P's reciprocation, but now they are both firmly on board. They are such sweet friends, and they enjoy each other so much. P has such a generous heart, and a quiet, gentle spirit. She's a good kind of friend.

P's birthday is a month after Hamish's, and for her birthday celebration this year, P had one request: to go visit her Mimi, and bring Hamish. 

Who could say no to that?! And since P's Mimi lives in Manhattan, we had our first girls only, all-fun weekend.

What a special weekend! We met P at the airport and the girls were overjoyed to see each other (note: This was a Friday, and they had spent 5 hours together on Thursday. And yet you'd think they hadn't seen each other in a month.)

The rest of the weekend was filled with such super special treats: yummy birthday desserts, matching PJs, a trip to the American Girl store, tea with their new friends, the M&M store in Times Square, a show on Broadway, and Central Park.

It was such a special time with dear friends, and the perfect first girls weekend. It'll be hard to live up to this next time!

I have not been to New York (except passing through) since December 2008. What a difference these almost eight years have made. But I did have the very best travel companion for my first return trip.