Hooray for two years of our Manimal!!! We love him so.

We kicked off his birthday the day before at Mimi & Grumpa's house. We'd had a full week of running around from Alabama to Tennessee to Massachusetts to South Carolina, and were so happy to be back together on the Manimal's birthday eve to celebrate with cupcakes and Kyle's family. The Manimal loves: cake, candles, and party hats, so he was thrilled.

We drove home that night and spent his birthday week at home opening presents from various friends and family as they arrived.

The child now also really loves presents.

Saturday I had booked a picnic pavilion for a party at the creek, but it rained all day on Friday, so we canceled it. The water would have been way too high to enjoy. We were hoping for something more like this:

As I texted cancellation messages to all of our friends on Friday afternoon, one responded and suggested meeting at Donut Den instead. I didn't really want to go to Donut Den on Saturday morning (super busy time!) so Kyle went and got 2 dozen donuts and several friends stopped by throughout the day to wish the birthday boy a happy day. It was actually the perfect celebration for us.

On Sunday--a full week after his actual birthday--we had lunch with the Rosses and the Wagners and the birthday boy FINALLY got an actual birthday cake.

Hooray for our precious little man. You are a party that goes on and on!!