For Aunt Kitty's birthday the kids wrote dictated and illustrated books for her. We gave the originals to Aunt Kitty, of course, but here's the text preserved for posterity.

Elsa and Anna Meet Hello Kitty:
A Birthday book for Aunt Kitty

Author: Hamish

Illustrator: Hamish

Chapter 1: Elsa and Anna play outside at their church

Once upon a time, there were two girls. Their names were Elsa and Anna. They played outside all the time, and they loved to go see their dad. And, a kitty lived next to their house. And, her name was Gracie Cat. And then the cat that lived next to their house was good. And she always came to their house to visit and Elsa and Anna always came out to pet her, and then after Elsa and Anna always pet her, she always went back to her owners.

Chapter 2: Elsa and Anna go to school

One day, those two girls that were named Elsa and Anna loved that cat so much, and Gracie Cat’s owners had died. So, their mother said they could keep Gracie Cat. And then, they went to school, and their teacher told them all she knew, and everything about God she knew. So, that very day they played outside and went with Gracie cat to Elsa and Anna’s secret hideout. 

Chapter 3: Elsa and Anna have a playdate

One day, the girls that were Elsa and Anna met Hello Kitty. They introduced her to Gracie Cat. And then, they lived happily ever after.

The End.

Once upon a time

Author: The Manimal
Illustrator: The Manimal

Chapter 1: Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was Elsa and Anna, at school at church. Today, Anna eats the dinner to school at church; all done, I’m done talking about Anna to church school.

The End