!!! Flashback !!! I was looking for record of our Christmas Eve sushi in 2015 and realized I had not blogged anything of Christmas last year. And because blog=memory, I am posting a few pics from the holidays in 2015.  

The Hodges/Powells welcomed us and Nana into their Christmas Eve celebration this year. Our church didn't have a Christmas Eve service, but theirs did and the whole Powell family was in town, so we joined their party.

After church, they planned a steak dinner at home for Christmas Eve, but Kyle and I needed our Christmas Eve sushi, so we ordered takeout from a restaurant across from the church for the two of us, Hamish, the Manimal and Nana enjoyed their steak, and we accomplished everything.

Cute and crazy kiddos.

The next morning, we celebrated with Nana at home.

After opening presents at home, we packed up and headed to see Pop and Honey and to meet the Byrums. Nana got an umbrella and had lots of helpers to get it open.

We didn't spend the night, heading home in the afternoon after a day with cousins and family. On the 26th we celebrated with the Rosses (sans Jeff, who was in Afghanistan). Luke and Jess got Hamish a Gingerbread kit. There was a lot of sugar consumed. The Manimal cuddled with Jennifer.