It feels like we are REALLY overdue here, but when I count on my fingers, we are LESS than 4 months late. I'm going to go ahead and round down to 3 months late, which is, practically, on time.

Anyway, as you'll see a lot has happened this year, lots of good, some quite bad. The anniversary, perhaps, came and left without an appropriate level of celebration. There was talk a while back about a 10-year trip to Ecuador, but we *did* go to Tahiti and the Bahamas this year, and so another big trip fell off the table. When it came down to it our biggest celebration was a trip to Climb Nashville, which, of course, was awesome, but looking back on it, nobody seems to feel it deserves credit as 10 year anniversary celebration.  I think we might be banking something for later in the big trip category.

Without further ado, here is a solid ten plus minutes of pictures from our our tenth year of marriage. Thanks to God for putting us together and sustaining us.

Josh Garrels - For You
Aldebert - La remueuse
Josh Garrels - Farther Along