Prompted by the Rosses, we started hosting Teacher Dinners after Hamish's first school year. We've added teachers as the years have gone on. The first year we had four (two teachers, two directors); our second year we invited six, but only two could come; last year we had a full house with 9 guests. This year our guest list was 13. We have had some teacher overlap over the past two years since the Manimal has been there.

Hamish wrote a welcome sign to hang on our door and another one on the easel inside. I think our teachers felt loved and welcome.

We always trust the Lord to bring the right teachers each year, and this year we had five guests. None of our new teachers could come this year, sadly, but we were so grateful for the ones who have joined us year after year. Jan and Gayle came to our very first Teacher Dinner, and seem happy to keep coming back.

The weather was perfect this year, so it was the first year we were able to eat outside. It was lovely! It's much quieter outside with nine people talking!

We had a small cheese board to start. Then grilled kabobs, kale salad with sesame ginger dressing and watermelon salad with mint and feta. We ended with Kyle's homemade lemon sorbet.