Last night we made use of turnips and their associated greens for dinner. I sort of followed a recipe from my mom in preparing the greens-- I fried up a couple pieces of bacon (from our meat share) in a skillet, then added the washed turnip greens right on top of that, stirred it a bit, added a couple cups of water (could have used less for sure), let it boil, covered it, reduced to simmer and let it sit for about 45 mins. Mom said 2 hrs, but there weren't a ton of greens here, and they seemed pretty tender before I even got them boiling really.
Alli took the turnips and followed this recipe for glazed turnips.
We supplemented the side dishes with some shrimp and orzo Alli previous concocted at Let's Dish.
The turnips were good, but both of us kind of had enough of the sweet taste before finishing them (just 3 turnips total). I would try something different next time involving more salt.
The greens were so-so, there weren't so many to start with and they just wilted down to almost nothing. I put a little bit of Frank's hot sauce on mine, and they certainly weren't bad, but nothing to brag over.
The Let's Dish portion was quite yum...