This is an idea from my mom for using up some cucumbers, which worked out quite nicely since I had leftover macaroni from my veggie mac and cheese. Since I estimated using 12 oz of dry macaroni in that recipe, I must estimate the remnants as 4 oz dry macaroni-- though my mom's "recipe" was for 8 oz. I say "recipe" because any time she tells me how to make something, it's a list of ingredients without too much detail on quantities. She did say 8 oz, but then just listed the remaining ingredients, which is fine, though I'll try to give a bit more detail on the quantities I used.

~4 oz dry macaroni, cooked, drained, leftover in the fridge for 3 days if you like
~5 Tbs mayonnaise
1 12.5 oz canned chicken (I bought a bunch at costco recently, so this was a good use for it-- mom actually uses tuna, but I'll take canned chicken over tuna if I can get it)
2 of our mini white onions, choppped fine (maybe half of a medium size onion)
2 salad cucumbers, chopped into small but easily identifiable pieces
salt and pepper to taste

Mix ingredients.
Serve with saltines or other crackers, or even on bread (though Alli thinks this is just odd, and chose to eat hers as a pasta salad)

The bowl pictured was full when all ingredients were added, and was enough to work as a meal for me and a snack for Alli with crackers at lunch, and again as a meal for both of us (on bread for me, plain for her) at dinner.

I admit this recipe has a lot of wiggle room for more or less of any of the ingredients and it's all about how you like it. I also shouldn't pick on mom because my "recipes" are usually quite similar, at least before I started writing on the blog and trying to remember the details.

This macaroni salad is a nice taste of my childhood, something simple and tasty that my mom made for us. Thanks for the recipe, mom.

Alli has some big ideas for using more cucumbers to accompany our murder mystery party tomorrow, but I will leave it to her to fill you in all those fun details.