We asked to have no pork in our meat share, but got a couple of weeks worth of ham hocks and sausage, so to make it up to us, our meat share stuck in a few extra steaks. We got two beef tenderloins in our last share, so we cooked them last week.

We used a recipe that my Dad cut out of the paper and mailed me a couple of years ago. It's fantastic and has always served well:

I rubbed the tenderloins with salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary, and chopped garlic scapes (instead of garlic) and baked it for just a few minutes on each side. There's a mushroom and sake gravy to go with it as well. Yum.

We ate it with sauteed chard.

Other things this week...
sweet and sour green beans (my mom's recipe)
carrots & couscous
Kyle's cucumbers soaked in balsamic vinegar
and LOTS of grilled eggplant
blueberry muffins (made by Kyle)

and burgers on homemade bread with grilled onion and brie.