We had six bell peppers this week and based on the lightning-fast decomposition of the purple bell pepper, they were pretty high on our list of things to use. And the best way to use lots of bell peppers... stuff them.

I cut the tops off the peppers and removed seeds and ribs. I dropped them in boiling water for a few minutes and let them drain on paper towels. Meanwhile I sauteed farm share onions, radishes, and garlic with some canned chicken (left over from a Kyle shopping spree) and Rotel tomatoes and then added 1/2 cup of couscous, 1/2 cup of chicken stock, and salt, pepper, and cumin. When everything was soft and the couscous had absorbed all the liquid, I filled my pepper cups and baked them for 15-20 minutes just to get everything nice and warmed through and for the flavors to mingle.

They were really good. We had one each for dinner last night and one each for lunch.