As you've seen from our distribution this week, we obtained a few components quite naturally lending themselves to creation of salsa. We briefly mentioned giving this a try a couple of weeks back, but as Alli stated, I felt it needed further tweaking.

And I think I've done it, gone and made my best-ever salsa.
We did have to run to the store for 2 things-- lime and tortilla chips, but everything else is straight from the farm.

My generic recipe:
2 or 3 tomatoes. These were almost entirely heirloom for both batches. I find the green zebra stripe ones to be the most tart and flavorful, followed in close second by the bright pink-red ones. You can also tell that these make for a most colorful salsa.
2 medium onions
2 cloves garlic
1 lime
1-2 tomatillos
~2 hot peppers (these are the ones we picked at tomato festival, some turned out to be blazing while others hardly had any spice at all)
solid handful of cilantro
dash cumin
decent amount of salt
fresh ground black pepper

Key differences between this time and last: When I diced the tomatoes, I let the juice go. Normally I think this is about the best part of the tomato, but I felt my last batch was a little too watered-down. This time I even went so far as to squeeze the pulp in my fist a little bit to get rid of too much liquid. Cilantro-- this stuff works wonders. I can't believe I once didn't know what cilantro was. so good. Fresh lime- I used the juice of the entire lime. Previously I used some lemon juice from concentrate, but lime is so much better. The tang plays so well off of all the other flavors. Tomatillos-- I'm actually not sure about these. They were somewhat firm and tasted tart and green. I'm not actually sure what they added to the salsa, except maybe a fruity component. Anyone know how to tell if one of these is actually ripe??

Anyway, my first batch was so good I immediately ran out to the store to get another lime and another bag of tostitos, and went to work on my second batch. Isn't it beautiful?