Is it bad that I rely on the photos we take on Fridays to plan our meals? Like, possibly, this blog has replaced my memory? As a general rule, I have no idea what we have in the kitchen until I look at the Friday photo. And now, just hours away from Week 12, I can't even remember what we've had this week. [checking archives... tomatoes, onions, celery, watermelon, eggplant, ok. Got it.]

We are down to the wire as far as "supporting" groceries go. We need butter, milk, yogurt, honey, white vinegar, parmesan, and a few other things. Want to know what we're doing on Labor Day? Whoo hoo, first of the month grocery shopping!

Though we did make good use of our veggies this week, we did NOT make good use of the camera. So, if you want pictures of food, you can go here, or here, or here. Just some suggestions.

Frittata sans cheese. A frittata is basically an omelet that I don't have to flip or fold. Nice. We literally stuffed ours with veggies: onions, garlic, corn, (all farm share) plus mushrooms (dried), and frozen sliced bell peppers. We didn't have cheese, so we skipped it, and while everything, really, is better with some cheese, it didn't suffer too much. We used farm share eggs and it was a really quick and filling meal.

UPDATE: Kyle was hoarding the frittata picture on his computer. Here it is.

Tomato festival all day, plus leftover fritatta.

We had friends over after church and ended up having a grill night. Kyle grilled corn, eggplant, and a onion/celery/carrot mixture with the grill pan. He also did chicken legs a la the mop method (quickly becoming a favorite). To use up the tomatoes and fun peppers we got at the farm, he also made salsa. I thought it was great, but he's tweaking it. Perfectionist. I also made peach cobbler on Sunday using the same recipe I've been using once a week with the blueberries. I sliced the peaches, skins still on, and threw them on top of the batter. It was pretty fantastic and it made for a good birthday dessert for our guest Courtney.

Monday: We got home late and threw together pasta with a veggie-ful sauce frozen from week 5.

Tuesday: Special day involving very little farm share food. I'm told a post is in the works, so I won't say any more about that.

Wednesday: Dinner out with friends. This was a first in a while. Our friends Dan and Jen are just days away from making an addition to their family and apparently baby likes Mexican. We brought home leftover chips for another round of salsa fixing.

Thursday: Rib steaks from the meat share, steamed broccoli and more corn.

During the week, we snacked on watermelon (we had two, one yellow and one regular red), peaches and tomatoes, and had salads for lunch. We still have several carrots, beets, onions, and one head [is it a head? bunch?] of celery left. We've got a few hot peppers left from the farm trip, but I don't think the salsa is perfected yet, so I'm sure those will go quickly.

Ok, I feel like I can get next week's share now. I know what I did with this week.