Sunday after church Kyle went back to work and I cooked. A lot. For about four hours straight. I don't feel like I have nearly enough to show for my efforts, but then I did spend at least half of that time washing the same dishes over and over again.

Above you'll see the main course, poorly lit: Swiss steak and a salad. Swiss steak is my mother's favorite meal when my grandmother cooks it. I don't think she'd say the same for this version, though it wasn't bad at all. Just not the same.

I used minute steak from the meat share, breaded and browned, then baked with canned tomatoes, sauteed peppers and onions, and served over rice. Nana uses her own home-canned tomatoes and I think that helps immensely. After 13 weeks of fresh produce, I thought the tomatoes tasted really "canned;" I could tell a difference. On the side, a fresh and spicy salad. The mixed greens had a real kick to them this time.

For dessert: apple pie, of course. You can't get a dozen New England apples without making apple pie. I used a recipe that my dad clipped from somewhere and mailed me about a year ago. It's a reliable, good and easy pie. Though I've yet to master a basket-woven top crust, this year's version looks better than last year's. And apple pie is fantastic for breakfast in case you were wondering.

Besides that I made a mushroom bisque loosely based on the New England Soup Factory recipe using dried mushrooms and farm share potatoes and onions. We'll have that for dinner tonight.

I also made a smoothie, but that hardly seems worth mentioning. (Except that I mentioned it. See, dinner, dessert, another dinner, and also a smoothie! All in one Sunday afternoon!)