So this isn't exactly the nicely displayed table-top view. We put all the veggies away before we took the picture. But I'll still tell you what we got:

cilantro (Kyle's happy about that)
2 leeks
1 squash
1 eggplant
salad mix
1 bunch of turnips
1 large cabbage
1 dozen apples
a bunch of carrots
a few potatoes
3 onions

This week wasn't a good week for cooking. I told you what all I cooked last Sunday, we ate soup several times this week (eh, not great). We had dinner out with family on Wednesday and a wonderful (!) dinner with Brian and Courtney on Friday night.

Kyle did make a corn casserole with our dozen ears of corn and we are still snacking on that. We also had salad for lunch a few times.

We've got lots to make up for this week!