We finally got around to using our week+ old cabbage a couple nights ago. We'd thawed some ground beef, and so I just searched for ground beef cabbage recipes and basically made the first thing I found. It isn't super complicated in flavor, but does take a while to make, so I finished it just after Alli went to bed for the evening. Anyway, it was pretty good-- the cabbage part especially, and it made enough to last for about 3 meals. Here's the cabbage all cut up and ready to go:
I also used the brussels sprouts we got this week, in a very simple manner. I washed them, tossed them in a bowl, splashed in some olive oil, kosher salt, and ground pepper, tossed, and baked in a single layer at 400 deg F for about 25 minutes. We decided we're fans of brussels sprouts. My only thought is I would probably take off one more layer of outer skin next time, it became a little too tough, but the mini-cabbage beneath was good. I don't remember the last time I had any brussels sprouts- I would describe it as something between cabbage and broccoli, and tasty.