We got a lot of fall/winter vegetables this week including some some cool new stuff:
5 (five) butternut squash
1.5 lbs of carrots (orange)
1.5 lbs of parsnips (cream)
potatoes (both red and russet)
Brussels sprouts (which are apparently very good when fresh)

Just to wrap up last week...
Thursday Kyle made pesto pasta (using pesto he made and froze from farm share basil earlier in the season) with sausage.
Friday: We snacked on various things: kohlrabi (peeled and chopped you can eat it raw and it's similar to broccoli), really good carnival squash roasted with salt, pepper, and butter...and round two of the pea tendrils. This time Kyle was very careful separating the edible from the non-edible and 98% of the tendrils were tender and sweet. I think we won this time.

Saturday was leftovers and date night at a Turkish restaurant (good, but not blown away) and tonight is a veggie party. Lots of vegetables, lots of interesting preparations, more to come!