I know there are other things to do with apples besides make apple pie. But apple pie is SO GOOD. Yesterday I made 1.5 after work. I was an apple pie making machine. (Also my internet didn't work at the time so what else was I going to do?)

The first was delivered to a friend, who then asked me to stay and have a slice, which was really very nice of her. Plus she gave me this "Bedtime Tea" from Trader Joe's which was fantastic. I need to add that to my shopping list.

My venting cuts are a little off center, but other than that, it turned out wonderfully! And it was a really nice visit and chat too. Maybe I should make pies for people more often.

When I told Kyle I was going on pie delivery he sounded all sad and left out. So I had to make him a baby pie with part of the apples. I only have one pie plate, so a full sized pie was out of the question. Plus I was almost out of flour. The result was cute though.

I think it could have stood a little more time in the oven (this picture is pre-baked). Kyle said the crust was just a little doughy, but that was an experiment with the dish and the size and how long it would take. It was cute though and a nice two to three-serving size (Kyle says 1 to 1.5, but is displaying his restraint by breaking it into 2 separate dessert sessions). I'll keep working on the cook time.

Also, please note Kyle's favorite shirt that sort of hurts my feelings.