A frittata is becoming a standby too. Sort of like farm share soup. It's so easy and filling.

Tuesday night we had a ground beef and pepper frittata with sauteed bok choy.

For the frittata (an omelet I don't have to flip), I browned my beef, drained it, and added chopped peppers and garlic and sauteed until it was all tender, then added a drained can of diced fire roasted tomatoes. I beat 6 eggs with pepper and then poured the eggs on top of everything. I pulled back the edges of my filling to let the egg flow under it and let it set. Then I grated parmesan on top and popped the whole thing in the oven for about 20 minutes.

It's quick and easy and served us both for dinner and lunch the next day. Plus I got rid of 4 of those peppers!