If you haven't noticed, we're getting a little bit lazier with all of these veggies. But good grief, we're almost done. Can't give up now!

Last week we got several things that we made good use of and a couple that we didn't. The turnips and the eggplant shown in that picture are still with us, but I think most everything else got used.

We did make the squash and leek risotto, which was great. I also made a huge batch of carrot and lentil soup with sweet bell peppers, cilantro, onion, garlic, etc. All stuff we had at home. The turmeric and coriander (and probably orange-y color) gave it a curry feel and we doctored ours up with hot sauce. It was good. We also snacked on salads and apples until we left on Thursday. And Kyle did a simple sautee of kale from the week before (still in very good shape, we like kale).

Last night we did a fair amount of cooking to deliver to friends with a new little one at home. I made a salad with fresh beets, apples, and cabbage. I don't know that I would have thought to put those things together, but it's really good. It tastes fresh and like fall, and not too heavy at all. It's pink because of the beets; the new little one isn't a girl.

They'll get this salad, half of the soup I made last week (frozen for them), and a farm-fresh chicken, along with maybe a few other sweets and snacks. Hopefully it will tide them over until Friday when the next delivery comes.

I also made sweet potato oven chips last night, but they were gone before I could get the camera. I guess that's a good sign. They weren't quite crispy, but they were good with salt and pepper. Kyle doesn't love sweet potatoes, so I think this was a better use than the baked versions with butter and brown sugar that I grew up on. I only used one of our sweet potatoes since I didn't know how they would come out. So I'm open to other suggestions.

While I was doing all of this chopping, Kyle made us potstickers (frozen), with sauteed bok choy. This picture leaves out the dipping sauce and the toasted sesame seeds, but it's a good dinner. I love how he molds the rice when he plates this. That's my favorite part. (I think this is also the only thing he "plates.")

I ate entirely too many of these while we watched the debate (recorded from last week). I think they call that stress eating.