My friend Stacy read yesterday's post and thought it was maybe a bit of a downer. Although everything said was true, she really encouraged Kyle and me to see all of the positives in thesis-writing. She made us a top ten list:

Top 10 list of why thesis writing is good....
10. You can stay in your pajamas all day.
9. You are forced to miss some truly horrible reality TV and therefore you are a better person.
8. Saying that you are writing a thesis makes you sound really smart.
7. You are no longer wilting away in a lab (instead you are wilting away in your own home but you know it is better)
6. You can validate each and every trip to Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts because it is for your JOB.
5. You are saved from having to watch Grey's Anatomy jump the shark and turn into the Ghost Whisperer. [ed. note: Is that why Denny is back in the previews? I am sort of glad I'm missing that.]
4. You have very little laundry to do since you wear the same thing everyday. [other ed. note: Yay, thesis shorts.]
3. You can eat all the candy you want because you can say that it is 'brain food'
2. When you once again join the masses, you will frequently have the opportunity to be the smartest person in the room (or at least the most educated).
1. The bright gleaming light you see is the end of the tunnel and does not mean that you are dying.

Thank you, Stacy. Kyle and I both laughed, and that's always a good thing.