We are still getting (and loving) our meat share, but somehow meat seems a little less worthy of posts than, say, what we did with celeriac. And of course this was not really meant to be a food blog; it just went that way in the absence of any real travel.

For purely selfish reasons though, we like having some record of recipes and dishes on the blog. It makes them easy to search for when we want to do them again. So I'm thinking of maybe an end of the month round up to keep ideas corralled, but that can be easily skipped by everyone else in the world.

Spare ribs & kale

So, for January, we did lots of meat in the Crock Pot:
  • Lamb chops with a grill rub
  • Thai chicken curry, which was good, but smelled way better
  • peppercorn steak
  • Vietnamese chicken, which again was good, but the flavors didn't really get into the meat
  • Chicken piccata in the crock pot, which was really good: bone-in chicken breast; 2 sliced lemons; 3 spoonfuls of capers; 1/4 cup broth; 1/4 cup sake; several garlic cloves under the skin; and salt & pepper. I cooked it on low for about 6-7 hours.
  • Crock pot roast, starting with this recipe for moisture content and cooking time, but using a packet of Italian dressing, a few generous shakes of Montreal Steak seasoning; and red wine as the liquid, I think
  • Crock pot leg of lamb, starting with this recipe for moisture content and cooking time, but first rubbing my thawed meat with a dry rub of fresh rosemary, salt, and pepper.
  • Spare ribs, starting here, but using mango chutney instead of marmalade. They turned out well. Again though, smelled divine, tasted very good.
chicken piccata and spiced zucchini & couscous

In the non-crock pot category:
  • couscous with spiced zucchini, which was good
  • daikon, carrot, and broccoli slaw. This could have been good. It looked a little dry to me, so I doubled the sauce, but then I thought it was too vinegar-y. Kyle thought it was ok, but I should have kept the sauce as suggested.
  • zucchini and tomato pasta, this time with diced tomaotes and penne because they were handy
  • Rachael Ray's spiced lamb patties in pitas with yogurt sauce and fire roasted tomato & chickpea soup.