We really loved our farm shares and we have loved being a part of community supported agriculture. I highly recommend the whole experience. And NOW is the time to sign up. Well, actually last month may have been the time to sign up. Hurry! Go!

Our vegetable farm still has openings left, and our meat farm opens subscriptions in June, I believe (though they have a waiting list). If you want to see exactly what your money buys you each week in veggies and fruit (remember, we got one veggie share and one fruit share), peruse these archives.

If you're not in the Boston area, you can find a CSA in your area here. This may be limited to larger metro areas, but I got most of my CSA feedback from the Chowhound message boards. I searched for the CSAs and farm shares that I was interested in by name (it's also a good source for restaurant reviews.)

I am really so sad that we won't have a farm share this year. You shouldn't miss out.