So apparently I could do a little better with blog updates. A little more frequent. A few more baby pictures. But the thing is, we're fresh out of babies, and we're kind of busy.

Kyle feels a little like this:
And then there keeps being more of this:

At the end of February, we did go out and celebrate Park Street Church's 200th Birthday. There were 1000+ people there, but these were the friends at our table:

And the next day we had a baby shower for Jamie. I made a diaper cake*. It made our apartment smell like baby powder for a week:
*Diaper cake does not involve anything consisting of what you might normally think of when you hear the word "cake". Kyle was quite disappointed with this fact and feels there should be a renaming process so husbands are not disappointed by such circumstances in the future.

And then Kyle went from this:
To this: To this (oh no!):To this (NO NO NO!): To this: Hooray!

In the meantime, I went to New York two weekends to see friends and get out of Kyle's hair, and Kyle signed a contract to move here:

And if I think about it too hard, I get a little like this:

But really we are very, very excited.

And look! I found you a picture of a baby: