Clue Update: With the snow (Welcome, March.) the parking lot has been empty of foodstuffs or junk. So I guess whoever is tossing it probably isn't throwing it from inside.

Now on to "Food We Ate in February"! Let's see... short month, a week and a half (at least) of sickness, all thesis writing, all the time. It was not exciting.

I did this tagine with a leg of lamb because I was too lazy to cut it up. It was ok -- heavy on the olives, but I was eye balling it.
I made a birthday cake.
We had this quinoa stir fry with arugula instead of spinach. This was good.
Our friends Phil and Emily fed us one night.
We ate frozen pizzas, instant soup, and mac and cheese while we were sick. Kyle ate a lot of sandwiches. I made lentils and rice at least once, and a pot of simple potato and leek soup that we nursed for a few days. I brought a Rachael Ray black bean and corn salad to dinner with friends, and a cream cheese and pineapple cheese ball to a baby shower. We had artichokes with balsamic mayo dipping sauce (SO good).

We went out a couple of times in February (not counting the times I went out with sweet friends who are trying to keep me out of the house). For Kyle's birthday we had Moroccan and earlier in the month we took advantage of a gift certificate to have Portuguese.

And that's honestly it. I can't think of anything else of note that we ate. Wow, this is spectacularly boring. Sorry.