Oh the stuff and the moving and the deadlines. And the flat out refusal of the Packing Fairies to show up as requested. We're supposed to pick up a moving truck in two hours and our apartment still has a long, long, way to go.

Thanks to our friend Charlotte, though, we've come a long way since Friday night when she arrived. I think she had a small panic attack when she saw the state of the apartment. It was nice and neat and together, which is really not the point.

We went on a midnight run to scavenge for boxes at MIT and got so many that the car was solidly filled. You couldn't even see Kyle in the backseat for the boxes.

We did get a lot of boxes packed. FYI: thesis drafts make excellent packing materials:

But while Charlotte packed and did my laundry and thoughtfully took our crock pot home in her carry on, there was only so much she could do.

Now it's just up to us. We need to pick up a moving truck in an hour and a half. Oh dear.