Currently we have 4 laptops and a spare hard drive in our living room. Three of the laptops are turned on.

Oh the cords. How in the world did we acquire so many cords? We have laptop power cords and USB cords for the wireless mouse (yes, that's a wire for the wireless mouse), and chargers for the phones and cameras and video camera and portable DVD player. And USB cords to hook all of those things up to our computers, and cords to hook the cameras up to the TV, and chords for the regular phones, and extension cords for everything. And those are only the ones we're keeping. That's not counting the chargers for my old cell phones and his old cell phones and my old earpiece and his old PDA and all of the many, many cords that we can't identify and have no idea what they used to connect.

We have 8 chairs in our apartment and when everything was tucked away, that was the perfect number. Now everything is drug out and moved and I trip on a chair every time I try to go anywhere.

Coat Hangers
Clearly when all of our clothes were hanging in the closet the coat hangers were not an issue. Now that I'm try to pack them and they are all empty and too big for all of my boxes and refuse to stack, it's becoming an issue.

Everywhere I look there is a disc. Music, or a movie, or data, or photos. Discs everywhere.

I LOVE a list. Don't get me wrong. But my lists now are so LONG and my time is short and they don't have a lot of mindless stuff on them that I can easily check off. They all involve action and time and thinking and stuff.

I also love a pile, but I don't have the square footage for the amount of piles I need. One for Goodwill, one for trash, one for recycling, one for CraigsList, one for South Carolina, one for Tennessee, one for "to send to Singapore if we have space", one for "must go to Singapore", one for "keep with us so Alli can work for the next two weeks", another for "clothing that needs spots removed". That is a lot of piles for 400 square feet.

Send Packing Fairies.