The past few days have been a little crazy, but full of so many blessings!

It turns out that we do know some packing fairies and they were immensely helpful on Wednesday! We had 12 helpers to get the truck loaded and tetris the storage unit.

While we were packing we got the call that our dear friends, David and Jamie, were in labor and Elijah David was born that night.

(Dear Elijah, thank you so much for arriving before we left. We have been praying for you for so long and we really wanted to meet you. Love A+K)

Yesterday we packed more into storage and then went to the hospital to meet Elijah. We got more packing help last night.

This morning Kyle went one last time to storage and to FedEx while I cleaned and frantically posted to CraigsList.

Now Boston is in the rearview and we are Carolina-bound. I have done my fair share of crying these past few days. I am sad to leave Boston and our friends; we have been so happy there.

But we are excited about two weeks with family and friends outside of New England. And of course the Singapore Fling.