For my birthday (almost 2 months ago, now) the Rosses gave me money for a fancy birthday dinner. It didn't come with the traditional Rosses Birthday Cake (which they shipped to me in England when I lived there!), but they knew that birthday cake doesn't pack well. At the time, Kyle was days away from defending his thesis and we were weeks away from putting almost everything we owned in storage and moving to Asia. It was a good time for birthday dinner rain checks.

Fast forward to now. Happy Birthday to Me in Singapore! Thanks and love to the Rosses!

The night after we first saw what is now OUR apartment, we went to the French Stall, a little open air restaurant in Little India that we found last time we were here (again with the old haunts) to celebrate the discovery and my birthday. I really like this restaurant. I love the tiled floor and the laid back, elegant French atmosphere. The wine was good and it came with great crusty bread and the food was amazing. I even got mussels, which I have recently discovered that I love.

(Greenshell mussels, from New Zealand!)

Kyle was pretty happy with the evening as well. It was a wonderful first "birthday" in Singapore.