It's finally time to show you a few more pictures of our new home in Singapore. We've been slow about sharing this with the world because we do not have internet yet. Acquiring it requires my employment pass, which I don't get until I start my employ. So we have to go to Mcdonald's when we want to blog.

Well here they are.

You've already seen our living area from the entryway in our immediately preceding teaser post. Next we have the same living area from a slightly different angle, including our dining area. I *could* have cleaned it more first...
Turning around, we now enter the kitchen area. bar stools are included so we can breakfast here.
Moving further in, you will discover a real, functional, honest-to-goodness oven. I know, who gets excited about an oven right? Well ovens are pretty rare here, so we'd pretty much given up hope of finding one. The area over the sink lifts to reveal a drying rack, which we need since there is no dishwasher-- even more rare than the oven I would say. And it's not like we've ever had a dishwasher between us before.

In between the dining area and kitchen is a doorway leading to our master bedroom. It comes complete with king size bed, television, desk/work area, and a pretty sizable walk-in closet with sliding door. There's also a big mirror on the wall on your right, and on the wall behind me is the air conditioner, a bench, and some shelving.

In what would appear to be more closet is our master bathroom. As it came, there was no separation between bathtub and main area, but we remedied this last night with a curtain on a tension rod. That tub also includes jacuzzi jets.Also off of the main living area is a door to the guest bedroom with twin and trundle beds which can convert very easily to a queen. This room also contains an air conditioner, and may be better equipped to function as Alli's office. We are still playing with how we may rearrange to best suit all scenarios, but we think there is room in here for a desk also.

Then there's what we previously thought would be the office, shown here. Definitely good space, biggest issue is that there is not air conditioning in this room. We could have held off until this was all sorted before posting pictures, but we know you all want to see them. There is also more good built-in closet area here, and bookshelves.

Off of the kitchen, behind a sliding glass door, is our laundry area. We have a nice large capacity washing machine, but no dryer. Dryers are also very uncommon here. The traditional way of drying your clothes in Singapore is to hang your clothes on long poles stuck out of the windows. There are brackets on the outside of the building specifically for this purpose. This method certainly works, but you do run a heightened risk of something blowing off, you'll need to check the weather, etc. Our laundry area is nice because it includes a drying rack that hangs from the ceiling, but can easily be hoisted back out of the way when not needed. The utility sink out here is also nice, and we think Alli might be able to figure out an herb garden out here one way or another.

Off of the laundry area is the guest bathroom. Full size bath with a very nice glass door shower. Up until last night this was where we were showering so the floor stayed dry in our master bath.

Also not pictured: a storage area off of the entryway, a good bit of space in the entryway with 2 shoe racks. Room where we think we can put a small table to hold mail, keys, and such, an umbrella container, etc. Lots of big windows, on 2 walls of the master bedroom, in the living area, in the guest bedroom, and in the laundry area. The only room without windows is the "office".

The apartment came with several perks, as far as I'm concerned. There is a pretty big gray area surrounding the term "furnished", and one thing that we did not have all details on prior to move-in were things such as silverware, pots and pans, etc. The owners left us this, along with a vacuum, iron and board, some tools, lots of cabling and wires, spare parts, flashlights, umbrellas, cleaning supplies, a ladder, toilet paper, some sheets, the art on the wall, just lots of little things that would have quickly added up if we needed to purchase them all right away. Also, they left us a bottle of wine as a present for our move-in. Our rental agent purchased a rice cooker for us as a housewarming gift as well.

Wanting to make the place our own home, we still quickly set to work making lists of the things we wanted, and have already checked many of these off (such as the shower curtain). We still need to buy a desk and chair, we're thinking a coffee table and rug, etc.

But the bottom line is that we love our new home, we feel blessed to have found it. I haven't even begun to talk about how we love the location, close to 2 different grocery stores, a new kopitiam (coffee shop) with some really good food options, plus 3 or 4 more other food court areas, a library, a community center, and of course, public transportation. Right now we think it is perfect.

If the photographs have not given you a complete picture, we've also made a 5 minute guided tour video. If you know our email and would like a link, let us know and we'd be happy to share.