Kyle was convinced that there was a wet market close by for two reasons: 1) It's Singapore. There always seems to be a wet market close by. 2) He'd seen people coming from one direction in the mornings with bags and carts.

So last Saturday, we set off in search of the wet market. Thankfully, we didn't have to search long. As soon as we were on the ground floor of our building, we saw a little old lady dragging her empty cart. Our plan was simple: stalk her. (She's kind of far away, white hair, purple top.)

We were rewarded (for stalking?) with a decently sized market very close to our apartment. There were dried goods:
...and fruits and veggies. We had been in the mood for some salsa. Kyle asked the guy for cilantro and we have some back and forth of Kyle asking and the guy shaking his head until I suggested "coriander leaf" and he grabbed us a huge, fragrant handful for about 50 cents.

There were also lots of fish stalls with all manner of fish, shrimp, squid, etc. layed out on steel counters with a thin layer of ice.

And of course there were blue polka dotted fish heads.
Of course.