One of my new favorite dishes is Yong Tau Foo, apparently literally meaning 'stuffed bean curd'.

But in reality, the name applies to food stalls that look almost like salad bars, with some 20 different bowls and plates of "toppings." It's intimidating at first, since you'll notice that most stalls have various fishy bits among greens and other things you can't identify, and there aren't always clear indicators of what and how you are supposed to order. But once you figure it out, it's very simple and a pretty safe bet most places.

You grab a bowl, and then you pick out a number of items, usually priced at about 50 cents each, with a minimum requirement of 7 or 8, and put them in your bowl. These include various leafy green vegetables, tomatoes, okra, mushrooms, bean sprouts, various tofu shapes, fried dumplings, what appear to be egg rolls, and then a few of those fishier options--crab sticks, fish balls--little glutinous balls with a mild but pleasant fish flavor, squid, etc.

Once you've chosen your ingredients you hand off the bowl with instructions for addition of noodles, they will briefly cook the ingredients in a rich, clear broth, and hand it back to you. You can eat it as a soup or with the liquid on the side, "dry". Then as is the case with most hawker center stalls, there is a small array of doctoring condiments, such as sesame seeds, sweet hoisin sauce, and of course, chili sauce. Choosing from the vegetable options, it feels like a pretty healthy meal, and look how pretty it is: