Thursday night, Alli and I ventured out to celebrate our 2nd annual Christmas Eve tradition of sushi. We've taken a big step in the last year-- well yea, the move to Singapore, but more pertinent to this topic-- Alli has been convinced of the wonder that is raw fish.
There are a couple of sushi places right in our neighborhood- decent places, but we decided to step it up a tiny notch and check out Sushi-Tei, opting to visit the branch on Orchard Road. We had no idea what we were getting into.
You see, where we come from, people are doing one of two primary things on Christmas Eve- they are either attending a church service, likely including candles and carols, or they are with their families. Okay I guess a close 3rd place is last-minute Christmas shopping, but in my experience that is a last-ditch activity, rushed through so you have something to give, then hurrying home to be with family. Apparently not so much here. As you can see below, most of Singapore chose this night to visit Orchard Road. Some amount of this was heavy shopping, but there were tons of other people that were just out. Sitting in random locations and people-watching. Others wearing what I know only as New Year's Eve hats. Based on what we saw, I fully expect that there was a countdown at midnight, followed by Santa sleighing down the road (I have checked with a couple of locals who ensure there is in fact no countdown, that people just choose to go hang out and see what they can see). It was people squeezed into all of the available space, such that moving down the street from one mall to the next proved a formidable task.

But anyway, we pressed on, and were pleased to find that the crowds had not overtaken our choice of dinner locale.

The sushi was good, with Alli even sharing these delights here:

The sake wasn't bad either.

...but of course sitting down to a slow dinner to talk, reflect, plan, and take stock of our blessed lives, that was the best part.