It goes without saying that we were sad not to be home at Christmas. This was my first Christmas not at home, though Kyle missed Christmas last year because he was living in the lab at that point. We'd toyed with the idea of a quick getaway last minute but because Christmas is a public holiday in Singapore, there weren't a lot of options available late in the game. Instead we ended up having a really awesome Christmas with friends here. Kyle even brought home a tree last week (in the third picture) that we decorated with candy canes.

We had four other couples and a baby over for a huge Christmas dinner: lasagna, a Christmas ham, salad with feta and blackberries, baked sweet potatoes with candied pecans, mashed potatoes with wasabi and macadamia nuts, sweet and sour green beans, spiced carrots, cauliflower dum, sauteed beets, guac and chips, spinach dip and veggies, a great cheese with crackers, rolls with apple butter, brownies, a cranberry walnut tart, pumpkin cheesecake, homemade gingerbread lattes, and wine. We have a traditional Christmas log cake in the fridge we didn't even bring out!

We played games and ate and visited and ate some more.

Our littlest guest wore her very best Christmas dress, and crashed halfway through the party.

Needless to say, we won't need to leave the house for food for the rest of the weekend!

We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas as well!