After our big night on the town, we headed out of the city for a tour of the Mekong Delta. We took a bus down into the delta and completed the rest of the trip by boat. It was just a day, and we didn't get too far into the delta itself (which is broken into 12 districts and covers 15,000 square miles), but all three of us agreed that it was great to get away from the buzz of the motorbikes for a day.

Kyle taking full advantage of the hammocks at the rest stop.

We saw a few tourist attractions in the Delta (that were part of our tour) including having honey tea at a honey bee farm, watching workers make coconut candy, and listening to some traditional music and instruments, but we spent most of our time on boats, lazily going from place to place. In the smallest canals we rode in paddle boats.

Each boat came equipped with hats too, which worked really well actually, for keeping the sun off of us.
In the larger canals we rode on larger, covered boats. Our last stop was for a late lunch after which we wandered around the island for a bit.
We took a speed boat all the way back to Saigon harbor, and got to watch the riverside change from delta to city, and finally to see the city from the water, which is always a unique perspective.

We arrived in Saigon harbor just as the sun was setting.

(The full photo album is now up.)