Everyone remembers my stove top, right? If not, let me refresh your memory. The last two times you've seen it, it looked like this:

Poor stove top. Thankfully today it looks like this (so far):

Almost 6 months of being in one solid piece! Hooray!! So this morning I was wiping it down (oh the dust and the fingerprints and the splatters that show up on this shiny black reflective surface!) and I looked again at the icons above the largest eye.

(Click to study more closely.) 
I have no earthly idea what these mean. I'm pretty sure the last one means I shouldn't put my computer monitor too close to the edge of the hob. But I'm afraid that the third and fourth icons mean that I shouldn't use it for cooking, either.

Any ideas? Deciphering these symbols may be the key to keeping us from blowing up the hatch island Desmond cook top again.