My one-year library membership is about to expire, and the past two times I've checked out books I've gotten a warning about it at the checkout kiosk. The other day I went to the customer service desk on my way out to figure out what I needed to renew it, because last year when I signed up I had to make 3 trips, if I remember correctly, before I had all of the materials I needed.

Me: [Handing her my library card] I want to renew my membership, what all do I need?
Her: [Scans my card to pull up my account.] Are you here on a student pass? or dependent pass?
Me:  DP
Her: Well I need your passport.
Me: Ok, I don't have that right now, I just want to make a list so I bring everything next time. [pen and slip of paper at the ready]
Her: You have some time before it expires, so you can do it later.
Me: Right. So can you tell me what I need to bring?
Her: Your passport, your green card...Do you have a green or pink card?
Me: Yes, I have this. [I hand her my dependent pass, or green card.]
Her: [Stares at it. Stares at me. Stares at it.] Is this you?
Me: Um. Yes.
Her: [Stares at card. Stares at me.] Are you sure?
Me: Yes, does it not look like me?!
Her: You look so young.
Me: Um, ok, well it's me. Is that what you need?
Her: Yes, this, your passport, and the fee is $42.80 which you can pay on your NETS cash card [which we don't have] or your EzLink [my subway card].
Me: Ok, I have an EzLink.
Her: I can do it for you now.
Me: Well thanks, but I don't have my passport with me now.
Her: Yes, you need your passport. I'll do it for you now.
Me: Um, but I don't have my passport.
Her: We do need your passport. Ok, tap your EzLink card here to pay, and I'll give you a new library card.
Me: [???]
Her: Here you go. You're all set.

And I walked away with a renewed library membership and a new library card.