We're getting behind. But it's just going to get worse, so we'll beg your apologies now and try to catch up by November or so.

We spent Labor Day weekend in Hong Kong with Claire and James. They were on an Extreme Asia Tour (Hong Kong and Phuket, Thailand--two extremes of Asia). I've been to Hong Kong for a couple of short visits with Caroline, but Kyle had never been, so we decided to meet them there.

I love Hong Kong's energy and history. I love that on one block you can buy freshly butchered meat from a street stall or Prada's latest (not that I buy a lot of either). I love the international businessmen and the ancient Chinese grandmas jockeying for space on the same sidewalks, while uniformed school children catch buses. Hong Kong is New York to Singapore's Washington D.C. in my mind: more crowded, a little more gritty, a little more Romantic.

For sale in Central.

Us and the view of Hong Kong harbor from Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Island's skyline and the Peak at night from Kowloon side.
Nathan Road in Kowloon.

View of a side street from the Central escalator.

Neon signs in Kowloon. 

Claire and I are both Canon girls, apparently.
You can't go to Hong Kong and not have dim sum!Yum.