We're home! We had a fantastic trip and a great Christmas and we hope you did too.

We have lots of things to tell and pictures to show, though, so let's back up a bit. As we alluded to in our Christmas card post, Philip and Emily are here! You should have seen us last Sunday afternoon when they were due to arrive. We were like little children: "Did you hear the elevator? Is it them? Are they here yet?"

They landed on Sunday afternoon  (the 19th) after flying in from Nairobi. We had to work some on Monday and Tuesday, but we still had a good time and they got to see a fair amount of Singapore and eat lots of the good food Singapore has on offer. Sunday night we had dinner in Little India and wandered around there before heading to Clark Quay for drinks on the river.

Monday they spent the day enjoying Singapore's shopping and binging on much-missed first world luxuries:

They also tried durian, but were not terribly impressed.

That night we met James and Germaine and a friend of theirs for a seafood feast of Singapore specialties: chili crab, pepper crab, frog legs, and other goodies. 

We headed home afterward to watch Love Actually and had an impromptu Skype session with Jamie and Elijah, which was fun, and I'm sorry I wasn't more on top of things to plan Skype reunion sessions with more Boston friends or when David was actually at home!

Tuesday, Philip and Emily were on their own again while we worked, but we got together later for sweet potato balls (i.e. balls of joy or possibly balls of awesomeness) and some fish spa. Hehe.

They both braved the tank with the biggest fish. I was impressed!

Tuesday night we had chicken rice (another Singapore specialty) at home with more friends from church. And that's when we broke out a truly fantastic toy that Santa had left in Emily's stocking...

[to be continued...]