The first morning Philip and Emily were in Singapore, Santa left a pile of presents and stuffed stockings around our tiny, but cute, Christmas tree. 

Along with dragon fruit (that's what Santa puts in stockings in the tropics instead of oranges or apples) and couple of other Singapore happies, Emily found this in her stocking.

Yes, the "Panty Hose Game". Several weeks ago I was wandering around Daiso, the Japanese $2 store that's in a few malls in Singapore, when I came across this wonder of marketing genius in the toy section (Sir, we have inadvertently flooded the nude panty hose market! Quick, re-purpose them into a family-friendly game!)

I took a quick picture and brought it home to show Kyle. We agreed that this was hilarious. And that Philip and Emily needed a Panty Hose Game in their stocking. After all, how could we turn down promises like "Everyone looks funny!" and "Stretching!" and best of all "A funny tags of war!"

The game is exactly what you see here: a set of nude colored thigh-highs sewn together at the toes, and these delightfully simple instructions: 

The goal of this game, it seems, is simple:

The warnings did raise some slight concerns:

For instance, "Do not use this product improperly." And properly would be a pair of panty hose you're instructing us to put on our heads? And of course, "It might narrow your view and cause unexpected accidents." Comforting. And, "Please note that it might tear if you pull too hard." Which is,  you know, the exact point of the game.

In our pre-Christmas joviality, this sounded fantastic. And Philip and Emily seemed very much up to the challenge. So the night before we left for Laos we had Bryan (of the photographs) and Kristin over for  chicken rice and then we broke out the Panty Hose game...

[to be continued...]